Interested in teaming up with the world’s top CS:GO players?

Here’s your opportunity to strike !

Who are we?
Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association (CSPPA) is the sole independent international players association in Esport. •We represent players from the world’s best CS:GO teams (e.g. players of Astralis, Liquid, ENCE, Na’Vi etc.) •CSPPA is recognized as a fundamental stakeholder in the international Esport community and is the authoritative voice of CS:GO players in an Esport industry estimated to a net worth of USD 1.1 bn. (2019)

What candidates are we looking for?
CSPPA is looking for part-time student workers with the following qualifications: You play or have played CS:GO for a number of years •You are deeply interested and engaged in the international CS:GO community •You have experience with social media management and are excited about writing •You are happy to do occasional personal assistant / manual work •You are a team player with an ambitious, well-organized and proactive mindset •You are fluent in English (preferably native)

What we offer you
A unique opportunity to get straight into the core Esport industry in exponential growth and build a professional network •Work for and service the best CS:GO players in the world and attend CS:GO events all over the world •A challenging and rewarding part-time job with a high degree of responsibility

How to apply
Please apply by sending your CV and cover letter (in English) including grade transcripts by e-mail to The deadline for applying is 15 October 2019

I encourage all players to participate in any capacity
and help us pave the way for future players and fans!

Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert, CSPPA board member